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No women fighter pilots for the IAF

The Indian Air Force says there are “no immediate plans to induct women as fighter pilots in the foreseeable future”.


Commandant Virginia Guyot, team leader of the Patrouille de France in 2010. French Air Force image

November 18: Indian Air Force (IAF) Vice Chief Air Marshal P K Barbora says there are “no immediate plans to induct women as fighter pilots in the foreseeable future”, according to the Indian newspaper The Economic Times.

Women do fly helicopters and transport aircraft in the IAF, but there are “financial, operational and cultural constraints in having women fighter pilots,” Barbora said. He added that it costs up to Rs 11.66 crore (€1.7 million) to train a fighter pilot, and it can take 13 to 14 years of active flying before the government will recover its investment. According to Barbora, after spending so much, the IAF does not want any “disruption”, which he feels is inevitable when a woman pilot gets married and has children.

The Indian Air Force’s attitude contrasts with that of the Royal Air Force, which has several front-line female fighter pilots and has just appointed its first woman to the Red Arrows team. Even this is a step behind the French Air Force, which will have a female pilot leading its display team Patrouille de France in 2010. Commandant Virginia Guyot, who at 33 has a two-year-old son, has 1,600 hours on the Mirage F1CR. She is one of 15 female pilots in the air force, and joined the demonstration team in late 2008. She has operational experience in Chad, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

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Pragya gore said on the 7-Mar-2010 at 12:56

hey! this is pragya , i'm a B.E. first year student[engineering student]. i read this article .i think the fighter pilot is the most courageous job & the person who likes to fight & play with dengers & if he wants to be it ,then definitely the IAF should have to give a chance to him or her .it doesn't mattre that the person is he or she.I am also 5f8in.heighted girl .my branch is clectronics & communication .to being a fighter pilot is the aim of my life.i wish it will be happen soon.

sony john said on the 15-Sep-2010 at 17:48

every citizen even if it is she or he have dreams to be a part of INDIAN AIRFORCE.His or her desire can remove any obstruction in front of her.So if other nations can appoint women why can't INDIA.Don't let her curse to be an Indian.

shital said on the 5-Nov-2010 at 10:25

hi, this is shital,i'm second year degree student .i read this article but its not fair that women does not became a fighter pilots.she also have the passion to become a fighter pilots.from childhood i wanna becomes figh. pilots.&i"ll comptete my dream.....................coz "RISK"is my passion.&"flying" is my soul.

Chandru said on the 22-Mar-2011 at 15:20

grate MAYANK.. we want to be No.1.. all ways

pragya gore said on the 11-Apr-2011 at 04:52

agreed with Abhay........ In United States Air-force, women fly the Fighter aircraft. So It does not matter , who can or not. one who prove the eligibility should get the opportunity.

Jason said on the 25-Apr-2011 at 23:15

Mayank, are you sure you are a pilot. You can't even spell english words correctly.
e.g. its Instructor not instructer
skyies - are you serious man?????

MAYANK said on the 26-Apr-2011 at 11:19

jason-- my first language is not english and u dnt need to hve perfect english to fly the aircraft u need skills and i will show u pilots ,, who are world champ in aerobats and they cnt speak english,
pilots from russia,france,germany,china etc cant speak english perfectly..
u shud come out ur narrow minded box and step in real world..

Abhay said on the 29-Apr-2011 at 14:47

Mayank you're such a fraud.

Coming to the point elaborated in this article, I can understand why the IAF may think that the inducting of female fighter pilots isn't a feasible idea right now and even though there are various equalitarian arguments for why such a view is outdated, there is an point that the IAF might have.

The reason that Mayank is a fraud is because the Indian Air Force has incredibly tough entrance exams and I do believe that proficiency in English is a requirement for one to become a pilot in the IAF. Now if Mayank is a commercial pilot, then he is just severely prejudiced (not racist) because there are tons of female pilots flying commercial airlines as we speak.

I think that Mayank needs to heed his own advice and step outside of his narrow minded box and step into the real world.

braveheart said on the 3-May-2011 at 10:20

@ pragya gore

I dont think that engineers (male/females) can be inducted as fighter pilots, rather they r taken as support team in technical wings of air forces world wide...and IAF also maintain technical line with women in it, come and join

sayali pramod patil said on the 25-Oct-2011 at 15:38

why do women cant be given a chance to fly a fighter ? even if she can sacrifice everything for that ?

Eddie said on the 10-Nov-2011 at 22:57

Well said Abhay! :)

Ritika Kapoor said on the 29-Nov-2011 at 12:38

Indian Air Force is one of the worlds best air force and they definately be right at their side. But if one has ability and eligibility she should be given a chance. I myself am ambitious to have the pleasure to serve IAF as a fighter pilot.It is a debatable topic.[student class 8th]

Abhay said on the 29-Nov-2011 at 18:41

I think that young women like Ritika should want to become fighter pilots. It is the highest honour to serve your country and no person should be barred from being able to perform such service. It is young women like Rithika who need to have ambition as that is what is required to ensure positive change.

MAYANK said on the 3-Dec-2011 at 18:19

hi girls i m a pilot ,i dnt want to be racist but truth is girls r nt good flyer 1 in thousands fly good and instructer say that she flyies like a boy.. they r good in exams good in ground studies far ahead from boys.. but nt good in skyies..sory toh say that but its truth.. iaf is nt fool.. they did that... and we hve one of best airforce in world..nothing personal

ranjana dhadwal said on the 16-Jul-2012 at 22:39

hey thanx abhay..its gud to knw dat atlst sum ppl hv got high thnking. and i thnk nw is d time v mst stp markng d talent by der gender nd d eligible n capable mst b gvn chance. i also aim to bcom a fghtr pilot..n hope dis gonna happn soon.....hope IAF soon realises dis.

sony john said on the 17-Jul-2012 at 08:20

hey....Iam a graduate(fresher)nd a FEMALE....I really want to be a fighter pilot....nd the thing is no one at my home supports me nd help me...I don't even no where to ask help or advise...But I really want to be a fighter pilot...I wrote IAF exam on FEB 2012...I failed..Got a 2nd chance,but cud not write...
my age(22,23/02/1990)..age limit for xm(july 1990 to july 1994)...wat a bad...but yet I wont stop..If u guys help me(anyone)..pls help me how to apply an be a figter pilot..

Thomas said on the 23-Jul-2012 at 17:22

The French pilot's name is Virginie, not Virginia, Guyot.

Ritika Kapoor said on the 16-Aug-2012 at 06:56

I just do not understand why woman has to fight to get equal rights and to live with equal status?
And its just not about fighter pilots there is no admission for woman in NDA.IT's CHEATING !

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