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Duxford’s FW-190 to depart

FW 190A-8/N 980554 is to leave the UK for Germany.


Key - Gary Parsons

January 12: Flug Werke FW 190A-8/N 980554, long-term resident with Spitfire Limited at Duxford, is to leave the UK for Germany.

Since arriving in December 2006, speculation has been rife about whether the aircraft would fly - it was allocated the registration G-FWAB in February 2008, but an application for a Permit to Fly was never made and the registration cancelled yesterday.

It is believed that the FW-190 will be prepared for its first flight in Germany. 980554 is unique in that it contains some genuine A-9 parts (including the dataplate).

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wirefox said on the 13-Jan-2010 at 14:17

Bl***y typical..!! We really have become the
world's second rate nation. Nobody wants anything
to do with us anymore. You only have to look at the participation (or lack of it...) at UK airshows over the last six or seven years. Foreign shows
still get a reasonable turn out, I know, because we take the trouble to go to them.
How long are the 'Grey Dynasty' going to put up with this..?
No wonder Mr Blair going to take his toys where
the authorities rate what he has done.
It's all very depressing...

An Enthusiast and Patriot

Gary Watson said on the 14-Jan-2010 at 18:23

How very true Paul !!

Rodney Hill said on the 17-Jan-2010 at 15:53

Hope that Duxford can put some fizz in Flying Legends this year!

RT said on the 19-Jan-2010 at 23:58

I was find something interesting.
Falcon's Messerschmitt Bf 109 Hangar

Look, please, on Hispano Aviacion H.A. 1112 M-1-L picture. I see there TWO Flug Werk's FW 190!. Am i right?.

RT said on the 22-Jan-2010 at 20:27

Must correct my own information!. This picture, find on Falcon's Messerschmitt Bf 109 Hangar page with Hispano Aviacion H.A. 1112 M-1-L and two FW 190 A8N from Flug Werk was taken in Switzerland in Bremgarten 18.01.2010 (or in Germany if is there city the same name).

Rod McKenzie said on the 29-Jan-2010 at 13:35

Sad, but entirely predictable - at least it's headed somewhere where it might actually get to fly!
It's hard to avoid the impression that the CAA are embarked on a sustained campaign to ground/remove anything that is or looks like an historic aircraft - I hope Hangar 11's paperwork is up to date!

Gary Watson said on the 2-Feb-2010 at 18:51

Yes, but we did get to see one fly last July at Legends, and if that 'upset' the CAA, well, hard luck !! we loved it's appearance, and if we need to go away for the weekend abroad to see them, well
so be it. Thank God, for Ryanair, the airline that loves you, more than your 'own' family !!

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