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RAF Hawk display colours for 2010!

UKMIL has released a detailed sim of the Royal Air Force’s proposed colour scheme for the 2010 airshow Hawk.


January 29: Flight sim military aircraft specialist UKMIL has released a detailed version of the Royal Air Force’s proposed colour scheme for the 2010 airshow season display Hawk T1 trainer, as operated by 208(R) Squadron at RAF Valley in Anglesey.

The paint scheme was only authorised this week and has yet to be applied to the real aircraft, but is sure to be very popular amongst airshow fans.

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David Crouch said on the 15-Feb-2010 at 15:54

Nothing exciting, looks like a 5 year old has been let loose with a tinn of paint,
Try again

Andy Skarbinski said on the 17-Feb-2010 at 18:36

I quite like it. I like to the hawk with some colour. Nice.

David Crouch said on the 18-Feb-2010 at 08:28

We need brighter colours, greater photo possibilities against varied backgrounds.

Chris Bromley said on the 20-Feb-2010 at 21:13

very patriotic - nice colours

David Crouch said on the 20-Mar-2010 at 14:06

What on earth did that last message have to do with RAF display Hawk??????

- Duly deleted & IP blocked! Ed

David Crouch said on the 21-Mar-2010 at 17:43

Thanks we should keep to the subject, I have recently seen other pictures of the Hawk, and they look better than earlier ones. so im looking forward to this years airshows

robert said on the 15-Jan-2011 at 18:48

Why is it that we can have money to repaint these things, but cannot have money for military aircraft like Typhoons, Harriers, or even carriers its a BLOODY joke

David Crouch said on the 16-Jan-2011 at 09:16

Because, we have to pay bonuses to the clowns who are employed at the M.O.D. headquaters to supliment their poor pay. and for their great efforts. the squadies on the ground,on the other hand get sh*t all

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