XPForce Updated

A new version of XPForce for X-Plane is now available.

XPForce is a plugin which adds support for haptic-enabled controllers, improving control surface feedback in the air, and on different types of surfaces on the ground.  The latest version 1.0.7112 adds support for force-feedback joysticks, yokes and pedals on Windows and soon for Linux (this is currently in testing).

Supported force feedback
• Joystick Friction
• Joystick Spring (return to centre)
• Landing gear compression
• Landing gear ‘rumble’ on the ground
• Speedbrake turbulence
• Landing gear turbulence when gear down in the air
• Pitch, Roll and Yaw control surface pressure
• Pitch, Roll and Yaw acceleration
• Propwash effects for single-engine aircraft (multi-engine will be added later)
• Crosswind effect on control surfaces at low speed
• Control surface forces adjusted according to airspeed

• X-Plane 10 or 11 although version 9 is also supported
• Windows 32-bit or 64-bit
• Linux 64-bit – experimental
• Supported force-feedback/haptic controller

Note: A force-feedback joystick is required to use this plugin.

XPForce is available for £8.50 although a free trial can also be downloaded.  Click here for more information on the developer’s website.

XPForce Updated