New Ultralight fox X-Plane Takes Flight

vFlyteAir has announced the Comco-Ikarus C42C for X-Plane 11 has been released.

The package features a highly detailed replica of the aircraft, created from actual hands-on experience flying the type. It comes with 14 liveries and a fully animated high-resolution model with HDR lighting and PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects inside and out. A paint kit available for creating custom paint jobs.

Other highlights include effects such as semi-transparent fabric-covered wings and empennage.  Vibrations inside the cockpit due to prop wash and the engine have also been modelled.

The aircraft features more than 85 original FMOD sounds based on actual audio recordings from the engine, flaps, switches, doors, ground roll, propeller turn-by-hand, sun visors, engine starter, engine shut-down and many more.

The Rotax 912 engine has been simulated including the choke operation, with effects such as slow idle after first starting the engine – the famous Rotax engine “burp” has even been replicated.  A BRS parachute, including safety pin that must be removed prior to operating the chute.

It is VR compatible with pop-up gauges to make them easier to read and an interactive virtual pre-flight inspection takes you on guided walk-around of the Ikarus (VR compatible using teleport hot-spots). If you conduct your pre-flight in early morning or late evening, spot lights are automatically provided at each of the six inspection stations.

Two panels are included:

Basic trainer has the essential gauges and instruments for VFR training flights (Altimeter, Airspeed, Vertical Speed (variometer), Slip Indicator, Magnetic Compass, COM radio (no NAV radio), and engine monitor gauges.

Full Panel adds a transponder and a glass panel.  It includes a simple GPS flight planner, an artificial horizon with waypoint information, and a moving-map display with GPS flight plan overlay. The full panel version also has a simulated traffic alert monitor that will track AI aircraft.

Finally, documentation consists of pop-out checklists and an illustrated user manual. Custom charts can be added in the cockpit and a kneeboard enables the pilot to choose settings such as removing ground equipment, select nose gear steering, add a copilot or set fuel and payload.

• Choice of female or male animated copilot
• 3D prop effects
• A choice of English or German language for instruments and menus.
• Metric or imperial units for gauges and instruments

The package is available over at for $27.95 (£21/€24 ).

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