DCS Flight Planning

DCS Flight Planning

CombatFlite is a new utility that makes mission planning in DCS faster and easier. You can plan the entire mission, either single or multi player, and it export it to DCS.

Plan the entire mission
Insert user objects such as holding, refueling or AWACS orbits, CAPs, SEAD CAPs, or reference points. Create flight routes by snapping waypoints to airfields, nav points, reference points or orbit anchors. Move multiple overlaid objects together. Clone flights and/or organize them into packages. Navigational data are automatically calculated using an atmospheric model. Use advanced tools, such as inter-visibility plot or terrain and slope visualization. Mark important areas by polygons, circles or labels. Export as a DCS .miz file.

Let Blue and Red side leaders plan their flights separately. Send them to the Game Lead to merge them.
Send a CF mission file with a general situation (airspace, intel scenario) to the Blue and Red leader. Let them plan their side’s flights. Send the Blue and Red CF mission files back to the Game Lead, who will import the Blue and Red flights into a single CF mission. Export as a DCS .miz file and go fly!

Rehearse the mission – See the flights’ positions and check your timings.
Playback your mission using a timeline control tool. All important events, such as vulnerability times, on-station times and TOTs, are highlighted for easier overview. Hit play or move the slider and watch where the flights are in various phases of the mission. Or jump to significant events using the controls below.

Create a briefing pack with auto-generated briefing text.
Have the briefing text automatically generated. Add map snapshots, vertical route profiles, weather visualization, mission timeline, package flow, or any image to your briefing. You can export the briefing as a part of a .miz file, or as a stand-alone Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.

Generate kneeboards for mission data card, maps, custom images
When you’re done planning, generate a pre-filled customizable data card (with a navigation log, communication frequencies, package composition and more) and a route map. You can add custom images and insert the pack to your .miz file, print it or export it as .png files for use as a custom kneeboard.

Create custom data cartridge for the DCS AJS-37
You can easily export any route you have created as a flight plan to a custom data cartridge file for the DCS AJS-37 Viggen. You can then load it in-game and let the Viggen’s navigation system take care of the rest.

You can also import your ELINT data gathered in a DCS mission, identify the threats and have them visualized on a map.

Export and see objects at your DCS Ka-50’s ABRIS
You have the option to export flight plans, polygons, orbits, circles, reference points, nav points and other objects to your DCS Ka-50’s ABRIS system to have them on your moving map in-game! The ABRIS settings are injected directly to a .miz file of your choosing. Saves you time creating all that manually in the game. Greatly enhances your situational awareness.

CombatFlite is available for free as a 400MB download.  Click here for more information.