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Boscombe Down Aviation Collection unveil historic Panavia Tornado

FlyPast’s Jamie Ewan reports from the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection as it unveiled another hugely important airframe to its growing fleet – Tornado GR.1 ZA319, the one that led the way...

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Who was ‘Mach pioneer’ John Derry?

The life and career of John Derry, believed to be the first Briton to have exceeded the speed of sound in flight, is analysed by Robin Evans

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Were you at Northolt Nightshoot XXVIII?

With the number of nightshoots at RAF Northolt now sitting well into the twenties, there really is no introduction needed for the nocturnal activities that take place on the West London base’s flightline.

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Who were the heroes of Tarrant Rushton?

Quiet Dorset farmland was once the base for a daring D-Day raid and the home of in-flight refuelling. Ken Ellis reflects on an airfield’s remarkable history

A Focke-Wulf Ta 152 is being built in Germany

Based in Wittenberg, near Berlin, historical aviation engineering facility Arsenal-45 is building a fuselage of a Focke-Wulf Ta 152H

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Where will Ukraine's F-16s come from and how will pilots be trained?

Kyiv’s quest for Western-made fighters was handed a major boost of May 19, when US President Joe Biden backed international plans for Ukrainian Air Force pilots to be trained to fly the long-desired F-16 Fighting Falcon and for European operators of the multi-role fighter to transfer their ‘Vipers’ to Ukraine

Sweden receives first Grob G120TP basic trainers

Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration revealed on April 4 that it has delivered the first of ten new Grob 120TP basic trainers to the Swedish Air Force – marking the first time in 11 years that the FMV has handed over a new aircraft to the air arm

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 146: Fighter Frenzy

Welcome to the 146th Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military fighter aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

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Highlights from the Australian International Airshow 2023

The Australian International Airshow made its highly anticipated post-pandemic return in late February, with the first instalment since 2019 attracting almost 50,000 trade visitors and nearly 800 participating companies during its first three days, marking an all-time high. Victor Pody brings us some of the highlights from Avalon.

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Aviation News May 2023

The full issue in page-turning format

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Gatwick: The capital’s comeback king

Few airports in the UK had as rough a ride during the pandemic as Gatwick. Martyn Cartledge assesses recent events at the London gateway before considering what the future may hold.

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Flight Simulation

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DC Designs’ AV-8B Harrier II review

In this review, we take DC Designs' rendition of the AV-8B Harrier for Microsoft Flight Simulator for a spin.

DCS: J-8II in development

Eagle Dynamics has announced third-party developer Deka Ironwork Simulations is working on the DCS: J-8II.

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 Back to Basics – Series 4, Lesson 6

In our previous lesson, we left off overhead Mangalore VOR station. We now continue on our planned route to Albury when some unexpected ATC requirements test our understanding of VOR intercepts before we put it all together to make a simple VOR approach.

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Midland Air Museum (Coventry) Aviation Fair


Baginton, United Kingdom

Aircraft enthusiasts fair

Shuttleworth Race Day Air Show


Biggleswade, United Kingdom

The event webpage states: "our Race Day Air Show celebrates the passion Richard Shuttleworth had for racing, both on the ground and in the air...
[and] brings together icons of the aviation and the motor vehicle industry for a dramatic day of full action both on our grass runway and the Bedfordshire skies."

Duxford Flying Finale


Cambridge, United Kingdom

The event webpage states: "Join us on Saturday 14 October for an extra special Duxford Flying Finale. The final event in our special flying season takes place on the same day that the first Duxford Air Show took place 50 years ago."

Dubai Airshow


, United Arab Emirates

International aerospace airshow