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RAF Jaguar pilot recounts operations over Iraq and Bosnia

Key.Aero’s Dino Carrara interviewed Air Vice-Marshal Bob Judson (ret.) about his time flying the SEPECAT Jaguar. In this extract, he talks about his time on operations over Iraq and Bosnia.

ROCAF begins operational testing of F-16V JHMCS

For the first time, Taiwan’s F-16V Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System has been employed by the 17th Tactical Fighter Group – a part of the Republic of China Air Force’s 5th Tactical Composite Wing – as operational test and evaluation (OT&E) efforts begin at Hualien Air Base

USAF steps closer to retiring E-8C Joint STARS fleet

The 16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron was inactivated at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, on February 16, marking another major step in the drawdown of the USAF’s E-8C Joint STARS fleet

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The little-known story of Ecuador’s SEPECAT Jaguars

In the January 2005 issue of Aviation News, Peter R Foster looked at the career of the Jaguar in the Ecuadorian Air Force

F-22 Raptors arrive in Europe

US Air Force Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptors have once more deployed to Europe.

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The Ultimate Buffalo Airways Quiz (part one)

Buffalo Airways are an icon of the industry, but how well do you know them? Here’s a handful of Buffalo based brain-testers for you to savour and enjoy.

CPK outlines passenger experience plans

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny is set to build a state-of-the-art airport hub from scratch, promising a seamless, enjoyable passenger experience

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Firing fireworks from aircraft: inside the Firebirds aerobatic team

Mark Broadbent talks to the Firebirds aerobatic team, who perform with pyrotechnics and LEDs

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Blackbird backseater on missions, sensors and more

In a remarkable career spanning more than three decades, Col Don Emmons (ret’d) gained a special insight into the top-secret Lockheed SR-71. In the December 2020 issue of Aviation News he revealed to Dr Kevin Wright how he became involved in the programme and recounts his experiences flying in the Blackbird and managing its return to flight in the 1990s

SR-71 pilot: a hurricane, MiG-31 and other amazing tales

Key.Aero’s Dino Carrara interviewed pilot Ed Yeilding to hear about his time assigned to the SR-71 Blackbird. He describes here his most memorable operational missions, including the time he encountered a hurricane and another that involved a MiG-31

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The aircraft used to fly the Royal Family over the decades

Charles Woodley detailed in the January 2018 issue of Aviation News the different aircraft that have flown the Royal Family around the globe through the decades

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Flight Simulation

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PC Pilot Issue 145

The full issue in page-turning format

Flying Circus – Volume II released

1C Game Studio, in partnership with Ugra Media, has announced Flying Circus - Volume II is now available.

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Rebuilding An-225: How Microsoft is helping resurrect Mriya

Work is well underway to revive the iconic An-225 following its destruction in the opening days of the war in Ukraine.

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Upcoming Events



Bicester, United Kingdom

The company organising the event states Flywheel is "two jam-packed days of action celebrating all things wings, wheels and motion...Flywheel will see a host of classic motoring marques join the displays along the tree-lined avenues of the historic site. Fans of vintage flight can expect an equally spectacular showcase, with a broad range of historic aircraft set to grace the site’s grass airfield – winding back the years and commemorating the site’s heritage as an RAF Blenheim Bomber training station."

Wings and Wheels Henstridge


Henstridge, United Kingdom

The organisers' say: "With up to 130 classic aircraft and over 150 classic cars on show, plus a few traders and some great food this is a great day out for the family and enthusiast alike."

Midland Air Museum (Coventry) Aviation Fair


Baginton, United Kingdom

Aircraft enthusiasts fair

Ladies Day Fly-in


Bodmin, United Kingdom

The event webpage says: "A great day to experience the joys of flying by all, but it is especially a celebration of all ladies in aviation.
Ladies day fly in
Visiting Aircraft – all are welcome
Vintage and classic vehicles"

Vulcan Aircrew Experience


Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

The Vulcan Restoration Trust website describes this event as: "New for 2023, the Vulcan Aircrew Experience is your chance to be a Vulcan crew member kitted out in authentic equipment as worn in the Falklands conflict.
This event is organised by UP AN’ AT ‘EM! HISTORY and admittance is by advance ticket-only."

English Riviera Airshow


Paignton, United Kingdom

Seafront airshow