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Could Ukraine be given a fourth ex-Royal Navy Sea King?

Another former Royal Navy Westland Sea King could be heading to Ukraine, making it the fourth example of the type to be donated to the war-torn nation by the UK

‘Tomcats’ return as USMC’s second F-35C Lightning II squadron

The USMC activated its second Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II squadron, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 311 (VMFA-311) ‘Tomcats’ (code ‘WL-XX’), on April 14

Zambian Air Force acquires two Enstrom 480B helicopters

The US-based Enstrom Helicopter Corporation announced on April 17 that it has sold two turbine-powered 480B helicopters to the Zambian Air Force, which will employ the rotorcraft for both training and utility missions

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 143

Welcome to the 143rd Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

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Just how powerful is Russia's strategic bomber force?

Alexander Mladenov examines the current state, operations and inventory of Russia’s long-range bomber fleet which has been undergoing upgrades while also seeing active service in Ukraine

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AIR International June 2023

The full issue in page-turning format

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Flying on a 40-year-old Boeing 737-200 in Honduras

Most aviation enthusiasts can appreciate the iconic lines of a classic jet. But there’s a small contingent that yearns for the days before carbon-fibre and glass cockpits to such a degree they’re willing to travel to the ends of the world to find them. Daniel Johnston recalls his recent expedition to Latin America in the pursuit of the increasingly rare Boeing 737-200

BREAKING: Ryanair places its biggest Boeing order to date

The deal strengthens the carrier’s relationship with Boeing, and is reportedly worth over $40 billion

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British Phantom Heritage Centre starts to take shape

The British Phantom Aviation Group passed two milestones at its new Cotswold Airport home in Gloucestershire shortly before Easter

Historic Aviation Quiz: 'The Dambusters'

With Key.Aero honouring the ‘Dambusters’, we dedicate this week's quiz to the squadron, men, and machines of Operation Chastise – the audacious attack against the Great Dams of Germany’s Ruhr on May 16/17, 1943 in what was dubbed the “greatest raid” of the war…

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What was it like to fly in ‘The Dam Busters’ movie?

In the middle of a 24-year RAF career Eric Quinney couldn’t believe his luck when he was chosen to fly Lancasters in ‘The Dam Busters’ film…

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Flight Simulation

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Eagle Dynamics DCS: Black Shark 3 review

This time, we review Eagle Dynamics' latest rendition of the Ka-50 for DCS World and see what advancements have been made over previous iterations of this formidable combat helicopter.

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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Normandy tutorial - part 2

In this instalment of our new series dedicated to exploring 1C Games Studios’ Battle of Normandy, we will be removing the panels and exploring the ‘Settings’ section to discover how much control and flexibility the developers have given the end-user with every aspect of this simulation.

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Flight Simulator Training

This new series will test your flying skills and knowledge of the aircraft to the limit. You will have the opportunity to experience the situations that pilots face during simulator sessions in normal and emergency conditions and in all types of geographic areas. So are you ready for the challenge?

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Upcoming Events



Bicester, United Kingdom

The company organising the event states Flywheel is "two jam-packed days of action celebrating all things wings, wheels and motion...Flywheel will see a host of classic motoring marques join the displays along the tree-lined avenues of the historic site. Fans of vintage flight can expect an equally spectacular showcase, with a broad range of historic aircraft set to grace the site’s grass airfield – winding back the years and commemorating the site’s heritage as an RAF Blenheim Bomber training station."

Wings and Wheels Henstridge


Henstridge, United Kingdom

The organisers' say: "With up to 130 classic aircraft and over 150 classic cars on show, plus a few traders and some great food this is a great day out for the family and enthusiast alike."

Midland Air Museum (Coventry) Aviation Fair


Baginton, United Kingdom

Aircraft enthusiasts fair

Ladies Day Fly-in


Bodmin, United Kingdom

The event webpage says: "A great day to experience the joys of flying by all, but it is especially a celebration of all ladies in aviation.
Ladies day fly in
Visiting Aircraft – all are welcome
Vintage and classic vehicles"

Vulcan Aircrew Experience


Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

The Vulcan Restoration Trust website describes this event as: "New for 2023, the Vulcan Aircrew Experience is your chance to be a Vulcan crew member kitted out in authentic equipment as worn in the Falklands conflict.
This event is organised by UP AN’ AT ‘EM! HISTORY and admittance is by advance ticket-only."

English Riviera Airshow


Paignton, United Kingdom

Seafront airshow