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Vickers VC10 at 60

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Vickers VC10's first flight, Key.Aero has collated a special collection of articles which tell the story of the quadjet's design and development whilst also examining its airliner origins and its later success as a military platform.

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SR-71 pilot and RSO recall operating iconic Blackbird

Flying the Lockheed SR-71A was a team effort like no other in the US Air Force. In a unique joint interview, a pilot and reconnaissance systems officer who formed just such a partnership recall operating to the very edges of the envelope

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CROYDON: Rivalry at London’s ‘first’ hub airport

Competition, comfort and co-operation became bywords for Croydon-connected carriers as they vied for speed records, new standards in flight experiences and even teamed up on popular routes as we discover in the fourth of our six weekly forays into the hub’s history

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British aviation 2012-2022: mastering cutting-edge tech

Concluding a seven-part series, we examine what the picture is like for Britain’s aeronautical sector 70 years into the ‘new Elizabethan’ age

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IN PICTURES: Snapshot of historic Croydon Airport

Readers who picked up a copy of the 100th and final issue of Airports of the World magazine will have enjoyed David Ransted’s definitive, double-length feature celebrating Croydon Airport, the UK’s first major international hub. Here, we share some of the incredible archive imagery used to illustrate the article...

The ultimate Queen's Jubilee aviation quiz!

It's time for a right royal test of your aviation knowledge. From Her Majesty's first transatlantic flight to famous airport terminals, we're celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with this rather regal quiz!

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British aviation 2002-2012: government cuts begin to bite

The penultimate part of our series looking at the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign places a spotlight on activities between 2002 and 2012, when government cuts begin to bite

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The perilous first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic

Portuguese aviators Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho’s Lisbon-Funchal flight was just a dress rehearsal for a much larger, more demanding endeavour: the first South Atlantic crossing, which would test Coutinho’s new integrated aerial navigation system to the utmost

Germany to buy 60 CH-47F Chinooks

Germany has selected the Boeing CH-47F Chinook Block II to replace its current fleet of CH-53G Sea Stallions, which have been in service for almost 50 years

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Cornwall Airport Newquay aims for the stars

This summer heralds the UK’s first sovereign satellite launch – a partnership between Spaceport Cornwall and Virgin Orbit – as Robin Evans explains

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From Bond to body hunts: Wg Cdr Ken Wallis' autogyro adventures

When the police were trying to find the missing Lord Lucan, the call went out to Wg Cdr Ken Wallis: bring an autogyro to Sussex and join the search. It wasn’t the only time this great man and his machines, equipped with film cameras, aided in body hunts

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British aviation 1982-1992: entering the digital era

In part four of our series examining the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, we take a look at the decade between 1982 and 1992

Current plans schedule the Crusader to be phased out in 1998. The aircraft quietly celebrated its 30th anniversary in French service last year. (Photos author unless stated) Feature Premium

French Navy F-8 Crusader display pilot

Gert Kromhout talks to pilot Pierre Jego about displaying the French Aéronavale Vought F-8P Crusader

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British aviation 1992-2002: days of going it alone end

The fifth part of our series examining the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s reign focuses on the period between 1992 and 2002, when the days of going it alone ended

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CONFIRMED: Queen's Jubilee flypast aircraft list

After much speculation, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed the line-up for today’s (June 2) flypast to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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Taking-off with Lufthansa Group's Eurowings Discover

Eurowings Discover is the latest Lufthansa spin-off, trying to cash in on the rising return of leisure travel and bring innovation to the legacy group, reports Andreas Spaeth

Final 130th AW C-130J delivered

Delivery of US Air Force C-130J-30 Super Hercules 19-5940 to McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, West Virginia, on May 26 marked the arrival of the eighth and final C-130J-30 for the West Virginia Air National Guard/130th Airlift Wing’s (AW’s) 130th Airlift Squadron.

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Czech Miles Magister flies following restoration

Following a two-and-a-half-year restoration at Henstridge, Somerset by Kevin Crumplin, Miles M14A Magister N3827/G-CLHY received its permit to fly on May 13.

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British aviation 1972-1982: UK looks to Europe

In the third part of our look at the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s reign, we focus on the decade between 1972 and 1982, when the UK looked to Europe as a way of sustaining its aerospace sector 

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HS141: A revolutionary V/STOL airliner that never was

Hawker Siddeley’s HS141 — and, indeed, other designs such as the HS133 and HS139 — sought to revolutionise city-to-city transport. But, once again, the V/STOL airliner concept was never to translate into reality

‘If I wasn’t quick people were going to die’: Typhoon squadron boss on going to war against ISIS

We speak to Wg Cdr Mike Sutton (ret’d) about his time flying the Typhoon, which started in the early days of the aircraft’s RAF service and culminated by leading 1 (Fighter) Squadron into combat against ISIS in the skies of Iraq and Syria

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British aviation 1962-1972: consolidation and cancellation

In the second part of our series looking at the British aerospace industry during Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, we examine the decade between 1962 and 1972

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Aviation News July 2022

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First of Embraer E190 pair goes Sky High

Expanding Sky High Aviation has become the sole E-Jet operator based in the Caribbean after taking delivery of its first Embraer E190 to double its passenger capacity.

Crowdfunding in Lithuania raises €5m to buy Bayraktars for Ukraine

In just three-and-a-half days, Lithuania has raised €5m ($5.4m) through a crowdfunding campaign among its citizens to help Ukraine buy more Baykar Bayraktar TB2 UCAVs for use against invading Russian forces

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Ten Maryland ANG A-10Cs complete deployment to Europe

Maryland A-10C Thunderbolt IIs have completed a multi-week deployment to various locations In Europe, ten aircraft completed the deployment visiting multiple locations in Eastern Europe


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