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Ikhana’s milestone flight

Maintenance crews prepare NASA’s Ikhana at the Armstrong Flight...

Bangladeshi Herks, Indian Sukhois and Kiwi King Airs

RECENT NEWS from the Asia- Pacific region includes the formal...

P-72s at Sigonella

Riccardo Niccoli reports on the progress of Italy’s new maritime...

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A330neo airborne

Delayed by several months, the Airbus A330-900neo has finally...

Angola acquires Citation MPA

The Angolan Air Force is operating a second-hand Cessna Citation...

New Argentine Super Étendards

After years of negotiations, France has agreed to sell Argentina...

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Flight Simulation

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Upcoming Events

Midland Air Museum (Coventry) Aviation Fair


Baginton, United Kingdom

Aircraft enthusiasts fair

Shuttleworth Race Day Air Show


Biggleswade, United Kingdom

The event webpage states: "our Race Day Air Show celebrates the passion Richard Shuttleworth had for racing, both on the ground and in the air...
[and] brings together icons of the aviation and the motor vehicle industry for a dramatic day of full action both on our grass runway and the Bedfordshire skies."

Duxford Flying Finale


Cambridge, United Kingdom

The event webpage states: "Join us on Saturday 14 October for an extra special Duxford Flying Finale. The final event in our special flying season takes place on the same day that the first Duxford Air Show took place 50 years ago."

Dubai Airshow


, United Arab Emirates

International aerospace airshow