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Which air forces flew the Gloster Meteor night-fighter?

 Although by no means so prolific as single-seat Meteor exports, the night fighter was supplied in modest numbers to NATO and Middle Eastern countries

V-bomber cockpits taken on at Duxford

At the end of last year, the Essex-based Cockpit Collection donated a pair of V-bomber noses to IWM Duxford

New owner sought for refurbished Trojan

After a recent upgrade by Swiss organisation Aerotech, a T-28 is ready for a new owner

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Korean War: RAF Meteor pilot on Australian combat ops

How an RAF pilot ended up flying 105 combat missions for the Royal Australian Air Force during the Korean War

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Meteor - the story of Britain's first jet-powered day-fighter

Britain’s premier first-generation jet-powered combat aircraft, the Gloster Meteor entered service in the latter stages of World War Two and operated well into the 1950s in a variety of frontline roles. Malcolm V Lowe tells the story of the day-fighter Meteors

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The inside story of Exercise Air Defender 23

A giant exercise under Luftwaffe leadership saw a mass deployment of fighters from the US to Germany to train with their European partners, as Dr Stefan Petersen reports

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 155

Welcome to the 155th Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

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Czech F-35A acquisition gains US approval

US State Department approval has been granted for the possible Foreign Military Sale of 24 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fifth-generation multi-role stealth fighters, related equipment, munitions and training/logistical support services to the Czech Republic for an estimated cost of $5.62bn

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QUIZ: The ultimate Emirates Airline history test!

It might not be the oldest airline around, but it's certainly one of the world's most famous. Test your knowledge of the history of Emirates in our special Key Aero quiz!

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AIR International November 2022

The full issue in page-turning format

Are Emirates Airbus A380s coming to Stansted?

In a first for the Essex gateway, a double airbridge has been introduced – which is capable of being used to access the upper deck of Airbus A380s. Find out more here…

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ATP Flight School in BIG Cessna Skyhawk order

America's largest flight school will boost its Cessna Skyhawk contingent. Find out the latest developments here…

Rare aircraft movements from the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on September 19 was attended by some 500 heads of state, including presidents, prime ministers and monarchs from across the globe, making it one of the largest such gatherings since the memorial for Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, in 2013. Here we illustrate some of the more unusual aircraft to visit the UK for the event.

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Flight Simulation

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PC Pilot Issue 144

The full issue in page-turning format

PC Pilot - Issue 144 Downloads

Online content for the March/April 2023 issue of PC Pilot.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition review

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator marks a major milestone in the product's history. The update adds a host of new features including new airports, realistic helicopters, gliders, a true-to-life  Airbus A310 and seven iconic historic aircraft. We take a closer look at what is on offer.

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Upcoming Events

Duxford Flying Evening


Cambridge, United Kingdom

The event webpage says: "Evening flying featuring warbirds, pyrotechnics and more. Enjoy after-hours entry to IWM Duxford for this very special vintage aircraft flying display. Witness the aircraft that still call Duxford home take to the skies as the sun goes down and dusk turns to dark across this historic Second World War airfield."



Zeltweg, Austria

The airshow website states AIRPOWER24 will have demonstrations by the Austrian Air Force and international military aerobatic squadrons and participants from civil aviation.

Airshow London, Canada


London, Canada

Major airshow

Columbus AFB - Thunder Over Columbus


Columbus AFB, United States

US Air Force airshow

Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show


Cambridge, United Kingdom

The event webpage states: "On the ground, in the air, and even in the clothes you wear! Step back into summer 1940 at the Battle of Britain Air Show and see historic Duxford come to life."

CFB Trenton - Quinte International Air Show 2024


Trenton, Canada

Royal Canadian Air Force airshow