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Canadian Lancaster project making steady progress

The project has been partly reassembled 

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The inside story of RAF Germany Lightning operations

Hugh Trevor examines the aircraft and operations of RAF Germany’s Lightning-equipped interceptor wing

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11 Sqn Lightning pilot – Binbrook memories

Ian Black described in the January 2016 issue of Aviation News his time flying the English Electric Lightning on 11 (Fighter) Squadron at RAF Binbrook

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Kuwait Air Force Lightnings: A secret history

Hugh Trevor describes the career of the Lightning with the Kuwait Air Force and speaks to the British pilots who delivered the jets and assisted the Kuwaitis in operating them

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Eject! Eject! - Lightning pilot describes punching out

Air Commodore Terry Carlton told Hugh Trevor about his quick exit from Lightning T.4 XM971 in the August 2012 issue of FlyPast

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Preparing combat units for battle at the US Army National Training Center

The 2916th Aviation Battalion ‘Raptors’ at the US Army National Training Center plays a vital role in preparing combat units for battle. Combat Aircraft Journal visited the unit at Fort Irwin to highlight the battalion’s versatile yet unique task

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Refuelling with the 'Rangers': Behind-the-scenes with the USMC's VMGR-234

As one of two reserve Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadrons within the US Marine Corps, the VMGR-234 ‘Rangers’ play a full part in tactical air duties. Combat Aircraft Journal visited the unit and spoke with its former commanding officer.

US Navy marks end of an era with final AQM-37 target launch

The US Navy announced on October 26 that it has launched its last two remaining AQM-37 aerial targets during a training operation with the US Army – a mission which concluded 60 years of operations with the system.

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QUIZ: Can you guess the aeroplane?

This week we’re asking you to correctly guess the aeroplane type, with only a short clue to help you identify the aircraft. From vintage classics to current-day jetliners, this quiz is guaranteed to put your aviation knowledge to the test. Good luck!

Loganair reveals a new London City service

The UK carrier plans to connect the Docklands gateway with a new destination via a one-stop service as part of its summer 2023 schedule. Find out more now…

CPK awards contract for a Master Civil Engineer

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) finalized one of the four key tenders related to the construction of the CPK Airport project in Poland

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Flight Simulation

Local Legend VII: 195 Businessliner out now

In conjunction with World Update XI: Canada, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has released its latest aircraft in the “Local Legends” series, the Cessna 195 Business liner.

World Update XI: Canada Now Available

Asobo Studio has released World update XI: Canada for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest world update improves the scenery for Canada with upgraded urban architecture, accurate coastlines, tundras, glaciers and mountain peaks.

ViperJet eX Released

Aircraft developer, Aerobask has released the ViperJet eX for X-Plane 12.

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Heathrow Aircraft Enthusiasts Fair


Sunbury on Thames, United Kingdom

Now in its 30th year, this popular event always features a stunning display of aircraft-related collectable items, on dozens of stalls and is a must for aviation enthusiasts.