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A wolf in sheep’s clothing: Heinkel He 111’s first flight

On 24th February 1935, the Heinkel He 111 made its first flight. Key Aero takes a look at the design process and its first flight

For Operation ‘Folklore’, RAF Canberra PR9s deployed to Belize in anticipation of performing reconnaissance missions over the South Atlantic. The plan called for them to fl y to northern Chile, land on a stretch of the Pan-American Highway at dawn, refuel from a waiting C-130, then continue on to Punta Arenas. COLIN ADAMS Feature Premium

Canberra PR9s over the Falklands - fact or folklore?

The question has gone unanswered for years: did RAF Canberra PR9s fly from Chilean bases during the Falklands War? Operation ‘Folklore’ was the codename given to a planned deployment — but, despite its eventual cancellation, rumours still abound. For his new book Harrier 809, author Rowland White talked to some of those involved, and researched in official archives, to investigate one of British military aviation’s most enduring mysteries

Historic aviation quiz

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Guinea Pig Club cover Feature Premium

The Guinea Pig Club - Edward Bishop

Out of sight was often out of mind for a lot of servicemen wounded in the Second World War. Convalescing in military hospitals away from the delicate gazes of the general public, the sight of a badly burned airman would have been a horrible reminder for many that the war was a very real and terrible thing being played out for the highest stakes on their doorsteps…

RAF Victor Feature Premium

Victor at war in the Gulf and Falklands conflict

Thankfully, the Victor was never used in the role it was originally designed for, but it played an important supporting role in the Falklands conflict (1982) and Gulf War One (1991). Chris Pierce reports.

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Spain's venerable Sea King fleet bows out of service

The venerable Sea King has finally retired from Spanish Navy duties. AirForces Monthly examines the impact of the iconic helicopter that served for 56 years

USAF to expand Australian base for B-52s

The US plans to create facilities to base six B-52s in Australia in a move that experts say is linked to increased tensions with China over Taiwan

First MESA sensor is installed on to RAF E-7A Wedgetail

The first of three RAF Boeing E-7A Wedgetail AEW1 airborne early warning and control aircraft received its Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) sensor on November 4

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NTSB coordinating recovery of ditched Transair 737

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has announced it is sending a team of investigators to the ditching site of Transair Flight 810 off the Hawaiian island of Oahu to coordinate the recovery of the wreckage from the ocean floor.

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How some airports have returned to pre-crisis traffic levels

In our monthly check-in with the Cirium team, we learn how some global gateways have been able to return to pre-crisis traffic levels

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ATR 40 years on

Airliner World analyses the trials, tribulations and triumphs of turboprop titan ATR

FedEx trials drone deliveries in Ireland

FedEx Corp subsidiary FedEx Express has begun testing last-mile drone delivery of goods between Shannon Airport and Foynes Port in Ireland

IAI signs P2F conversion deal with Avolon

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is to convert A330-300 aircraft from passenger to freighter configuration for aircraft leasing firm Avolon

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Flight Simulation

This is not a game! What is flight simulation? Feature Premium

This is not a game

Now that Microsoft Flight Simulator has become fairly well established, we’re beginning to see a growing number of differing opinions as to whether this program is a game or a simulator. So, we posed a series of questions to experienced pilots and representatives of the retail side of flight simulation to get their views on the subject.

UK Discovery Tour, Part 3 Feature Premium

UK Discovery Tour, Part 3

In the third and penultimate leg of our United Kingdom discovery tour, we depart from City Airport in Manchester and fly over several incredibly picturesque mountainous areas before finishing up in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands.

AuthentiKit - An innovative modular flight control system Review Premium

AuthentiKit - An innovative modular flight control system

We look at a new set of controls that faithfully replicated those found in the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX, designed by a company called AuthentiKit.

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