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Cold War History: French Ju 52s

Known to the Armée de l’Air as the Toucan, the Amiot AAC1 — the French-built version of the Junkers Ju 52/3m — was a mainstay of operations in Indochina, and in roles beyond its main transport purpose

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The best American jet fighter never to enter production

Was Northrop’s F-20 Tigershark one of the best American jet fighters never to enter production? It certainly had many outstanding attributes, but, as test pilot Paul Metz tells us, it just wasn’t an F-16…

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Malta's Beaufighter night fighters

By night as by day, the Axis air threat to Malta was considerable. After the sterling efforts of a Hurricane flight, the arrival of an RAF Beaufighter detachment provided a much more suitable capability when it came to tackling nocturnal raiders

How it works: de Havilland Vampire

In the second part of our look at The Vampire Preservation Group's two-seater T.11, owner and operator Mark Hooton takes us on a guided tour around and inside WZ507…

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How Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park changed Malta's air defence

Two years into the epic siege, Malta’s air defence strategy was overhauled following the arrival of Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park. How did he transform the embattled island into a base for offensive operations?

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Japan receives more E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes

A further two Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes have been delivered by sea to Japan

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First ex-USAF F-16C for US Navy’s ‘Fighting Saints’

The first of the former USAF/ANG Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcons to enter service with the US Navy’s Fighter Squadron Composite 13 (VFC-13) ‘Fighting Saints’ was seen at NAS Fallon, Nevada, earlier this month

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 116

Welcome to the 116th Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

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Flight Training Guide: When dreams take flight

Airbus A320 captain Faraz Sheikh shares his remarkable journey to the flight deck

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Flight Training Guide: Flight school focus

Pilot training schools come in all shapes and sizes, but there are common themes. Thomas Haynes visited Skyborne Airline Academy to find out what prospective cadets can expect

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Flight Training Guide: Bridging the gender gap

Bhanu Choudhrie, founder and executive director of Alpha Aviation Group shares his thoughts on why championing women in the cockpit is critical to mitigate future pilot shortages

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Flight Training Guide: State of the industry

Why, in the middle of a global pandemic which has decimated the airline industry, would anyone think about training to be a commercial pilot? We explain why it might actually be the perfect moment to consider your options

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Flight Training Guide: The eyes have it

Captain Matt Gray explains how eye-tracking technology could help enhance the learning and development of commercial pilots

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Flight Simulation

Fokker F28 for Microsoft Flight Simulator In Development

Just Flight has announced the Fokker F28 Fellowship for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now in development.

FlightSimExpo Announces Initial Exhibitor List

North America’s flight simulation conference returns on September 24-26, 2021. As a hybrid event, attendees can participate in-person at Town and Country Resort San Diego or online.

Landmarks Dubai City Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has announced Dubai City Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now.

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