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Support needed to convert airliner into classroom

Fokker F-27 Friendship G-BCDN at the City of Norwich Aviation...

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New light has been shed on the history of Short Sunderland T9044...

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In the North African campaign cannon-armed Hurricanes took a heavy toll of Rommel's panzers, as Andrew Thomas describes

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On the Water front

The Italian Air Force museum at Vigna di Valle is celebrating...

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Repaint complete on museum’s Hustler

Staff and volunteers at Grissom Air Museum near Peru, Indiana,...

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Celebrating the C-5 Galaxy: Part One

In the first of a two part interview, Key.Aero speaks with Col Brian Trumble, the commander of the 22nd AS 'Mulies', about the current operations of the USAF's C-5 Galaxy force, 50 years after the platform first entered operational service.

The Best Sixth Generation Fighter Concepts

From robot-built fighters with virtual cockpits to the Mach 6 ‘Son of Blackbird’, the coming years will see the introduction of the most advanced military aircraft ever made.

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Four-Dimensional Chess: UK Air Defence Exercises

RAF Phantom navigator Wg Cdr Steve Lungley (ret’d) talks to Dr Kevin Wright about organising these hugely complex large-scale exercises and also taking part in them while on the Phantom Force.

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A selection of the most interesting aircraft to visit air bases...

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Jay Selman reports on the high-octane thrills at the Reno Air...

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Sea King ASaC7 Farewell

The final three Sea King ASaC7s arriving at HMS Sultan on September...

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Kam Air Adds Long-Range Jet

A Boeing 767-33A(ER) is being added to Kam Air’s leet and was...

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Cognac Welcomes First Two PC-21s

MILITARY NEWS 12 French Air Force PC-21 03/HB-HVC is seen...

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