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Spanish Army retires UH-1H

Continental Europe ACAVIET UH-1H HU.10-40 ‘ET-217’...

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Third Italian P-72A delivered in upgraded configuration

The third AMI P-72A arrives at Sigonella air base on December...

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Three VMAQ-2 EA-6Bs delivered to AMARG

North America VMAQ-2 EA-6B Prowler 163045 ‘CY-00’...

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From C to A

Airbus has renamed the C Series the A220 after taking 50.01%...

Kuwait signs for Super Hornets

Boeing received a $1.5 billion fixed-price, incentive-firm contract...

Kenya orders three C-27J Spartans

Kenya’s Air Force will receive three Leonardo C-27J Spartan...

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Midland Air Museum (Coventry) Aviation Fair


Baginton, United Kingdom

Aircraft enthusiasts fair

Duxford Flying Finale


Cambridge, United Kingdom

The event webpage states: "Join us on Saturday 14 October for an extra special Duxford Flying Finale. The final event in our special flying season takes place on the same day that the first Duxford Air Show took place 50 years ago."

Dubai Airshow


, United Arab Emirates

International aerospace airshow