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Retired Lockheed Orion to fly again in Australia

Lockheed AP-3C Orion A9-753 during the handover ceremony on November...

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The firepower of the Black Widow was best seen in the dark: four...

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SBNT and Flyingraphics donate to Mosquito project

A group from SBNT and Flyingraphics with Mosquito HJ711. WITH...

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Flashes of Thunder

Babak Taghvaee looks back at the long service life of Greek RF-84Fs,...

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Stallion 51 looks back on a stellar year

Mustangs belonging to Florida’s Stallion 51. US flight training...

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Phantom Survivors: Rising Sun 'Rhinos'

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force operates an exotic mix of F-4s, with its reconnaissance variants now being retired and a single squadron of air defenders remaining.

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Phantom Survivors: Iranian Survivors

The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) has operated F-4s since 1968, and today retains a significant number of these aircraft as the backbone of its aging fighter force.

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Phantom Survivors: Gods of War

The Hellenic Air Force is one of two European air arms that still operate the F-4. Now confined to a single squadron, it still provides a meaningful multi-role capability for the Greek military.

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Rapid Forge Sees Forward Deployments

MILITARY NEWS F-35As from Hill AFB and F-15Es from Seymour...

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V-Jets: Qantas and the Boeing 707

The Boeing 707 was the first jet operated by Qantas. The type brought benefits to the airline and passengers alike, writes Barry Lloyd.

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New Blue Angels Hercules

At the Royal International Air Tattoo on July 17, Marshall Aerospace...

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