Aeroplane August 2023

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Handley Page Type W: The purpose-built airliner family in depth

James Kightly brings us a detailed examination of an airliner family that showed the advantages of purpose-built designs

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How US Army Air Forces developed radio countermeasures in the Aleutians

Dave Stern examines how radio countermeasures were created by the US Army Air Forces during the war in the Aleutians 

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Revealed: the real secret missions of Sidney Cotton's Lockheed 12

As war neared, Sidney Cotton and Lockheed 12A G-AFTL helped change the face of British aerial reconnaissance. But what does fresh evidence, gathered as the aircraft was restored for Fighter Aviation Engineering, tell us about their covert activities?

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Aeroplane meets... Peter Arnold

The world’s leading Spitfire expert has been instrumental in many a project — and travelled the globe in search of airframes

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How do you become a Shuttleworth Collection pilot?

Flying for Shuttleworth is a privileged position, and it involves the training and preparation to match. New Aeroplane columnist Richard Crockett tells us how it started for him

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Inside story of The Vintage Aviator's Fokker 'Eindecker'

Built in Germany, the latest First World War aeroplane to join The Vintage Aviator’s fleet in New Zealand represents one of the conflict’s pioneers — the Fokker E.III

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How Israel made an air-dropping transport out of the Boeing 377

Needing to air-drop supplies to British mercenaries in Yemen, the Israeli Air Force set about having some veteran Boeing 377 Stratocruisers converted — and an unusual operating concept

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Incredible story of the world's last flying Sunderland

Edward Hulton knew he was chucking money down the drain in keeping Short Sunderland G-BJHS flying, but he wasn’t about to throw away his dream. Thirty years after it left for the States, the archives of its former captain, Ken Emmott, offer some wonderful memories

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Spectacular Italian Air Force Museum reopens for centenary

Vigna di Valle collection remodelled to mark 100th anniversary year

Rare Salmson Cri-Cri re-emerges

High-wing French trainer nearing end of restoration at La Ferté-Alais