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History in the Air Since 1911

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WASP Museum gets a T-6

Acquisition of wartime trainer helps salute women ferry pilots

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Aeroplane meets... Meier Motors

The team behind the German warbird restoration shop with a host of outstanding, and rare, projects to its credit

Spitfire returns 'home' — and makes show debut

Ex-Belgian Air Force fighter-reconnaissance ‘Spit’ takes part in Florennes commemoration and gives first airshow display at La Ferté-Alais

'Jenny' restoration complete at USAF museum

Historic biplane to go back on show at Wright-Patterson this summer

Swiss Ju 52 retired to German museum

Just one ‘Tante Ju’ left in airworthy condition in Europe

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When Eagle dared: the British Eagle story

Beginning 75 years ago, the story of British Eagle is typical of many a British independent airline. In one of the final features he completed before his death, Bruce Hales-Dutton looked back to a 2009 interview with Eagle’s founder Harold Bamberg to chart this much-loved carrier’s rise and fall

The People's Mosquito: what's the latest?

Airbus support announced as airframe build makes progress

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How the Luftwaffe rescued downed airmen in the North African desert — from both sides

Many aircrews in the North African theatre had call to be thankful for the daring exploits of the Wüstennotstaffel, the Luftwaffe’s dedicated desert rescue unit

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Luck or judgment? How RAF Mosquitos hit the Gestapo in Aarhus

The Aarhus raid by No 140 Wing’s Mosquitos — targeting Gestapo facilities in the Danish city — was a notable strategic success and a fine feat of airmanship. But its achievements owed something to good fortune as well

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How the Newark Air Museum's Monospar came home

As the Newark Air Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary, one exhibit stands out as a feat of restoration: the General Aircraft Monospar. The story of how it came back to the UK is an epic, too

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