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History in the Air Since 1911

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'I flew the Queen': behind the scenes with Royal Flight pilot

Safety, comfort, timing: those were the three key words when it came to flying members of the Royal Family. As a former Queen’s Flight pilot recalls, the responsibility brought with it some unique memories

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New monarch old aircraft: the Queen's Flight during its first two years

When Elizabeth II took the throne in 1952, the Queen’s Flight was a haven for outmoded equipment —a situation not destined to change in the new monarch’s first two years.

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Queen’s Silver Jubilee Review of the RAF in 1977

The Royal Air Force (RAF) pulled out all the stops to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 — but the occasion is still best remembered for a sleepy cabinet minister

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'I moved to the US with $2500 and a Reno air racing dream': Thom Richard's incredible story

He left Sweden for the States as a 17-year-old, and literally fulfilled his dreams by flying air racers and warbirds

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In-depth profile of the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver

The ‘Beast’, to give one of the Helldiver’s unflattering nicknames, had a troubled gestation, as Matthew Willis reports

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Stunning photos of the RAeS Garden Party 1956

A delightful day’s flying, courtesy the Royal Aeronautical Society — and one that could almost be repeated in the present

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What happened to the 'Thistle Squadron'?

The so-called ‘Thistle Squadron’ was the first in the Belgium Air Force earmarked to receive the new Hawker Hurricane. Col Michel ‘Mike’ Terlinden and Daniel Brackx recount the story

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Lufthansa’s early Boeing 727 operations

Lufthansa was the first airline in Europe to fly the Boeing 727 and ‘The Aeroplane and Commercial Aviation News’ December 31, 1964 issue looked at the type’s first seven months of operations with the German carrier

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Aeroplane July 2022

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Sweden’s Spitfires in the Cold War

Of all aspects of the Spitfire’s service, its post-war use as a photo-reconnaissance platform by the Swedish Air Force is one of the least well-known — especially as regards clandestine overflights of the Soviet Union

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Aeroplane March 2021

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Aeroplane February 2021

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Aeroplane January 2021

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