Air Safety

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The disastrous mid-air collision of a Boeing 727 and Cessna 172

Some aviation accidents seem inexplicable. How could a Boeing 727 collide with a Cessna 172, both flown by experienced crews, in excellent visibility, on approach to an airport with apparently good ATC and even a collision alert system? Stephen Skinner investigates

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NEAR MISS: Learjet takes off across path of landing JetBlue E190

A Learjet crew took off from an intersecting runway at Boston/Logan International and crossed in front of a landing JetBlue Embraer E190 after incorrectly believing they had been given clearance, an NTSB report has found.

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What caused Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 landing incident?

A preliminary report into an incident in which a Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 was substantially damaged while landing without its nosewheel gear extended has attributed a cause

Delta 767 suffers SEVERE damage in hail storm

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday (July 26) after sustaining serious damage while flying through a hailstorm.

Emergency evacuation slide falls off United 767 in flight

An inflatable emergency evacuation slide from a United Airlines Boeing 767 detached from the aircraft while in flight and fell to the ground.

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Crosswind training review follows West Atlantic ATR landing incident

West Atlantic is enhancing its crosswind training for pilots following an incident in which an ATR 72 turboprop suffered damage to its nosewheel while landing at East Midlands Airport.

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REVEALED: Why a 737 ditched in the ocean with a working engine

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has concluded its investigation into the crash of Transair flight 810 which ditched in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii in 2021.

Enter Air 737 flies into Ukrainian airspace

A Polish-registered Boeing 737 briefly flew into Ukrainian airspace on Friday (June 23), despite the area being closed to all civilian air traffic because of the ongoing war in the country.

British Airways A380 forced to return to Heathrow

A Miami-bound British Airways Airbus A380 made a U-turn over the Atlantic yesterday (June 22) and returned to London/Heathrow, resulting in a six-hour flight to nowhere for the passengers on board.

FAA to require “secondary flight deck barrier” on airliners

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will require the installation of a physical secondary barrier to the flight deck on new commercial aircraft.