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Rotary in offshore oil and gas: what's next

The offshore oil and gas sector is facing increasingly turbulent times but one thing that remains constant is its reliance on the helicopter

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Space tourism - flight or fancy?

Business and even tourism could be in lower orbit soon, if all goes according to plan for space’s most ambitious developers

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Spinning and shapeshifting

When it comes to improving quadcopter drone performance, no technology is too ‘out there’ or too ancient

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Precision timing: Exploring smart bomb technologies

The use of air-to-ground missiles is becoming increasingly difficult as trends in the proliferation of modern integrated air defence systems and layered defences present greater challenges for their successful deployment

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What's next for the BelugaST?

Airbus’s BelugaST is making way for the Beluga XL but this is not the end of the road for the beloved freighter

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AIR International May 2022

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The microlight revolution

Will 3-axis microlights take over from GA light aircraft as the sport aircraft of choice? Nick Spall took to the skies to find out what makes them special

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A day with the Irish Air Corps' Emergency Aeromedical Service

As the Irish Air Corps marks its centenary year, Chris Croot was invited to spend the day with its Emergency Aeromedical Service to witness its life-saving work

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Analysis: What MOD's Defence Equipment Plan means for the services

With the UK releasing its latest Defence Equipment Plan and the promise of additional funding, prospects, for once, look good for the services. However, will the maths add up? Richard Thomas reports

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Emergency services and drones

The emergency services are increasingly turning to drones for help. Mark Broadbent looks at the ‘blue light’ applications for unmanned aircraft

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