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CAE, Seeing Machines to upgrade Australian Hawk simulators

CAE AUSTRALIA has been awarded a contract by Australia’s Capability...

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Buyer’s market

Increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific have led many countries...

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Stingray meets Hawkeye

BOEING AND the US Navy have conducted a second carrier-based...

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Going green

The need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has led to biofuel...

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Cargo collaboration

AIR MOBILITY company Skyports will work with Australian drone...

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Strike action

For airports and the airlines that serve them, few weather phenomena...

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Leonardo’s AW101 training

LEONARDO IS currently training the latest Royal Norwegian Air...

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G700 preview for Qatar Executive

A Gulfstream G700 at Doha International Airport at the end of...

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Porter Airlines opts for world’s lightest seats

A combination of composite materials and titanium has made the...

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NASA develops radiation risk detection capability

THE SENSITIVITY of an individual astronaut’s DNA to radiation...

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