146 Professional upgraded to v2.0

Just Flight has released a major update for the 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A new custom-coded UNS-1 FMS is based on the real-world unit.
A new custom-coded UNS-1 FMS is based on the real-world unit. Just Flight

The new update adds several features, including a new custom-coded UNS-1 FMS, a detailed passenger cabin and galleys, a passenger and cargo boarding system controlled by the EFB tablet, cabin music, interactive yoke-mounted checklists and glareshield clipboard paper charts.

Three new liveries are also included, along with a host of other improvements and fixes. The update is free of charge to all owners of Just Flight's 146 Professional.


  • New custom-coded UNS-1 FMS with an interface based on the real-world unit, including holding patterns, Direct To (DTO) and Command Heading function (CMD/HDG)
  • Top-of-descent calculations based on target vertical speed are included via the PATH VNAV page
  • Navigation monitoring, including wind information, XTK error and groundspeed
  • Real-time performance information, including current range, endurance, ETP/PNR
  • Support for SIDs, STARs and approach procedures
  • Ability to save and import custom flight plans
  • Custom database updatable via a Navigraph subscription
  • Swappable units (kg/lbs)
  • Comprehensive UNS-1 FMS Operations Manual, including a tutorial flight
  • New highly-detailed passenger cabin and galley
  • Crew lighting controls for the cabin and galleys, including separate cabin overhead and sidewall lighting controls and galley worktop lighting
  • Cabin door, no smoking/seat belt sign and call light annunciators
  • Crew call panels with controls for the cabin, inter-crew and emergency calls
  • If enabled via the EFB tablet, random passenger, toilet and crew calls will occur during the flight, with associated chimes and annunciator lights, which the crew automatically cancel. The crew will also dim the cabin lights at night.
  • Interactive passenger/service door and stair controls from within the cabin
  • Accurately simulated ground service electrical supply
  • Galley coffee maker functions and potable water used over time
  • New cabin sounds and the volume depends on the cockpit door position
  • New cabin music player with seven music tracks and the ability to import custom music
  • Volume control with mute play/stop, shuffle and repeat modes
  • If enabled via the EFB tablet, the cabin crew will automatically control the music player, such as turning on the music for boarding
  • Music volume varies depending on the cockpit door position
  • Passenger and cargo boarding system is controlled via the EFB tablet, allowing you to realistically simulate the passenger and cargo boarding and deboarding process
  • Multiple boarding speeds can be selected, from instant to realistic
  • Progress and time remaining is shown, along with reminders to open the relevant passenger and cargo doors
  • Boarding/deboarding states are automatically synced to your stage of flight, starting at a parking spot will result in an empty aircraft, ready for boarding to commence
  • Integration with GSX – when GSX boarding option is enabled via the EFB tablet, your selected payload will be synced with GSX so the correct number of passengers will be loaded by GSX, and you can monitor progress as usual via the EFB
  • If enabled via the EFB tablet, the cabin crew will automatically open and close the passenger and service doors as required
  • New passenger boarding/deboarding sounds added
  • New interactive yoke-mounted checklists and glareshield clipboard paper charts
  • Customisable paper checklist mounted to the yokes and paper clipboard chart stored on top of the glareshield
  • Up to 15 checklists and 20 charts can be displayed and are customisable PNG images stored within the 146 package
  • Hidden click spots allow you to cycle between the checklists and charts, rotate them to handle both portrait and landscape, show/hide the yoke-mounted checklist and stow/unstow the glareshield clipboard
  • Dynamic index page with the names and page numbers for all the checklists and charts that have been added
  • New liveries, including 146-200 Discovery Air, 146-300 Buzz and 146-300 United Express (Air Wisconsin, Battleship Grey)
The update includes a new highly-detailed passenger cabin and galleys.
The update includes a new highly-detailed passenger cabin and galleys. Just Flight

Other new and improved features:

  • New hidden HSI heading bug sync click spot added to glareshield – used to sync the HSI heading bugs to the current heading
  • Engine windmilling animations
  • GSX compatibility (profiles included for all variants)
  • Improved autopilot altitude intercept and hold accuracy Improved altimeter drum animation logic for more accurate readings
  • Better HSI course and RMI bearing needle logic for a more realistic needle swing
  • Nose wheel steering (MWS) ground operation switch textures
  • Improved flight models – reduced likelihood of the aircraft porpoising at low weights and better ground handling
  • Adjusted cabin doors, airstairs and window wiper animation logic
  • Improved state-saving logic
  • Added QC/QT cargo bay lighting
Customisable paper checklists are mounted to the yokes .
Customisable paper checklists are mounted to the yokes. Just Flight

Other changes:

  • Sound set fixes and improvements
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to the EFB tablet. Other cockpit controls can no longer be clicked through the EFB tablet screen. The flight deck door is now forced to the closed position if the cabin is disabled via the EFB
  • Autopilot vertical speed can now be controlled using the ELEVATOR TRIM UP/DOWN control assignments when the autopilot and vertical speed hold mode is engaged, similar to the existing pitch hold logic
  • If enabled via the EFB tablet, the cabin crew will now automatically make passenger announcements for the different stages of flight if not already manually triggered by the user
  • Reworked some TMS logic so that with TMS SYNC/TGT and/or TMS TGT modes selected, the TMS will now only return to standby mode if the hundreds (first) digit is adjusted, like the real aircraft
  • Engines no longer flame out when a flight is started on approach to a runway
  • Radio altimeter limit selectors now default to a value of 200ft
  • Cabin announcements are no longer enabled on the QC/QT cargo variants
  • Reduced light bleed through cockpit door when the door is closed
  • Main menu thumbnails updated to feature MSFS SU14 lighting
  • Updated Operations Manual
  • Updated EFB Manual

The 146 Professional is available on Just Flight’s website for £52.49.