737 Immersion V2 Released

//42 has announced the 737 Immersion V2 for Prepar3D version 4 for the PMDG 737NGXu is now available on Orbx Central.

The package comes with a custom configuration tool for enabling or disabling various effects directly from the interface. It is designed for minimal performance impact and memory usage.

Special effects:

  • Multi-stage wing condensation – during departures and approaches moisture builds over the wing surface
  • APU Cold Start smoke effects
  • Thrust Reversal with thrust directed forward to slow the aircraft down
  • Engine Condensation - providing three-stage engine condensation based on independent engine thrust
  • St. Elmo's fire results in electrical discharge on the windshield at night and during thunderstorms
  • Volumetric lighting rebuilt from the ground up adding pulse lights
  • Volumetric contrails
  • Jet Wash in rain and snow conditions
  • Fuel Overflow with fuel overflow after a fill up at the gate.

Other highlights include smoke on the wheels during touchdown wheel, engine start-up smoke under cold conditions, brake dust effects when retracting the landing gear, water vortex from the ground into the engine and lateral blast on rotation.

737 Immersion V2 is available on Orbx Central for AUD$45 (approx. $29.53/€26,54?£23.09).