A350-900ULR flies

P Pigeyre/Airbus

AIRBUS HAS started test-flying the latest A350 family variant, the A350-900ULR (ultra-longrange), which will be able to fly further than any other commercial airliner.

The initial example, F-WZNY (msn 216), flew from Toulouse on April 27. The aircraft is certifying changes from the baseline A350-900, which comprise a 165,000-litre capacity (43,588 US gallon) fuel system (up from the standard 141,000 litres/37,248 US gallons), extended winglets to boost efficiency and a 280,000kg (619,279lb) maximum take-off weight, up from the baseline aircraft’s 275,000kg (606,272lb).

The differences will give the A350-900ULR 9,700 nautical miles (17,964km) range, up from the standard aircraft’s 7,950 nautical miles (14,750km).

Singapore Airlines has ordered seven A350-900ULRs and will use these jets to open lapsed ultralong- haul services to the United States, the first being to New York JFK. Mark Broadbent