Active Sky FS for MSFS out now

HiFi Simulation Technologies has released Active Sky FS for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The package features enhanced cloudscape and thunderstorm depiction.
The package features enhanced cloudscape and thunderstorm depiction. HiFi Simulation

Active Sky FS (ASFS) integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) platform and is designed to improve the weather simulation experience by providing new features and functionality.

The package is a comprehensive weather realism simulation, offering high-fidelity weather data and synthesis, planning, briefing, mapping, live weather, optional historical weather with playback, custom weather, scenarios, API, multiple depiction options, active air effects, snow depth data control, voice features and Navigraph/SimBrief integration.

Active Sky FS is designed to work seamlessly with MSFS.
Active Sky FS is designed to work seamlessly with MSFS. HiFi Simulation

Weather presets

Using the Preset weather depiction from ASFS or Passive weather depiction from MSFS live weather, a variety of weather visuals and depiction methods are available, offering various levels of realism, control and visual quality. Transition control and configurable smoothing is also provided in ASFS Preset mode.

Active air effects

Customisable clear air turbulence, thermals, drafts and wake turbulence effects work in tandem with existing MSFS effects to provide and enhance realism. Atmospheric effects are provided in any depiction mode.

Advanced historical weather

In addition to including live and custom weather modes, historical mode is also available with comprehensive global weather data in hourly archives. Dynamic historical playback provides realistic changing weather as per the archived historical timeline. Optionally, lock the historical time to configure the simulator time for easy date/time synchronisation and control through MSFS.

Enhanced cloudscape and thunderstorm depiction

Using ASFS Preset weather depiction, sky conditions control enables cloud types including multiple stratus, cumulus, towering cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratocumulus and cirrus variations. Thunderstorm scene handling also works to increase the visual realism, height and overall visual cloudscape of multiple cumulonimbus variations.

Advanced data collection, synthesis, modelling and interpretation

Active Sky constantly downloads and analyses conditions, providing worldwide high-fidelity weather conditions and effects, utilising surface airport conditions (METARs), forecasts (TAFs), upper air data (GRIB), significant weather information (Sigmets/Airmets), tropical storm data and more. Weather data is offered in real-time or historical modes, with a dynamic historical weather playback feature.

Custom weather scenarios can be created.
Custom weather scenarios can be created. HiFi Simulation

Ground snow simulation

Using actual global ground snow depth data, ground snow cover is controlled and smoothed at all times in AS Preset depiction mode.

Comprehensive custom weather

Easily create multiple custom weather areas using the map screen, customising by METAR text or through our weather setting wizard. Custom weather is supplemented by the previously loaded weather, enabling precise, variable and realistic saved weather scenarios that can be recalled at any time.


Fly different weather-based scenarios, or create your own.

Voice features

Get Voice weather briefings and in-flight weather updates on your radio via our simulated ATIS/ASOS and Flight Watch simulation.

The package supports Navigraph and SimBrief flight plan integration.
The package supports Navigraph and SimBrief flight plan integration. HiFi Simulation

Third-party integration

Navigraph and SimBrief flight plan integration, PMDG wind data export and universal common data export features provide integration with multiple popular third-party add-ons.

Active Sky API

Advanced API features are available to everyone to integrate directly with AS features including weather lookup, effects, mode control and weather conditions control.

Active Sky FS is available on Just Flight's website for £23.99.