Active Sky Upgraded

HiFi Technologies has released several updates to the Active Sky weather expansion for X-Plane, Prepar3D and FSX.


Active Sky XP - Update 092319 (Build 7205):

  • Fixed issue with surface layer/aloft layer inter-layer interpolation at airports approx. 5,000ft AGL, and an issue with airports over 3,000ft AGL
  • Fixed issue with “Save manual changed” coming up when changing mode through HTTP/API
  • Changed max email address length in forgot password form to 64 vs 30 (was preventing resets for users with long email addresses)
  • Clarified manual route entry pop-up form instructions (in Flight Plan) that departure and destination are expected in the route string
  • Added hurricane wind speed to better represent variability based on eye and position from eye
  • Fixed issue where some hurricanes may become “stuck” for several days at their last known position.


Active Sky for P3D V4 - Update 092619 (Build 7208):

  • P3D 4.5 HF2 compatibility updates
  • Made a change to prevent repeated “Cannot control ambient winds” messages
  • Attempted fix for rare apparent false-positive MS Defender issue causing a crash on start-up
  • Attempted fix for failure of sim connection to activate due to elevation access check failure during connection/interface activation steps
  • Attempted fix for UnauthorizedAccessException on hosts file potentially related to recent windows update
  • Added .NET 2.0 to installation package to avoid a potential issue on some systems with specific .NET 3.5 configurations
  • Fixed issue with invalid surface layer wind conditions at some airports near 5,000ft elevation
  • Fixed wind inter-layer interpolation bug when ground elevation was above 3,000ft
  • Added better handling for hurricanes to include variability in wind speed based on position and distance from eye and property depict >99kts on the surface when appropriate.


Active Sky 2016 for FSX & P3D V3 - Update 092319 (Build 7205):

  • Multiple miscellaneous fixes/adjustments ported from other more recent product(s)
  • Wind layer fixes/adjustments when airports are around 5,000ft elevation
  • Hurricane wind depiction improvement for better speed variability based on position and distance from eye and >99kt speed depiction at the surface when appropriate.