Advanced Air Striking Force tribute to go ahead

The Conde-Vraux Aviation Museum near Reims, France, will host a ceremony on May 17 to mark the 80th anniversary of the Advanced Air Striking Force’s attempt to counter the German invasion of 1940. 

Mostly equipped with vulnerable Fairey Battles, the RAF carried out numerous costly sorties, garnering two Victoria Crosses in the process. The museum has commemorated this gallant stand each year, and until recently was supported by the RAF’s 15 (XV) Squadron, which provided a guard of honour until its disbandment. Following representations by Evesham-based FlyPast reader Robert Gill to the Secretary of State for Defence, the RAF will once again be present at this year’s event. Those wishing to attend should contact curator Gerard Faux via:

Note - this news item was prepared prior to the recent coronavirus scare. To the best of our knowledge the museum's plans have not been effected but we recommend checking with them before making travel plans.

The last ceremony attended by the RAF took place in 2015. COURTESY ROBERT GILL