Advanced arrivals

H Goussé/Airbus.

THE UK air navigation services provider NATS has introduced an updated Arrival Manager (AMAN) system at London Heathrow that uses data about when aircraft push back rather than when they take off.

When delays in holding stacks are forecast to reach seven minutes, aircraft within a speed reduction horizon of 350 nautical miles (648km) are instructed to reduce their speed, giving controllers more time to start sequencing arrivals. The idea is to ensure flights enter UK airspace at the right moment and spend less time in holding.

Peter Dawson, General Manager, London Terminal Control, NATS Swanwick, said: “Systems such as AMAN rely on cross-border coordination with our air traffic control neighbours in Europe. As an active participant in the Single European Sky ATM Research programme, we are delighted to see the success of this collaboration, which results in real cost and fuel savings for our airline customers.”

Mark Broadbent