Get involved with Aero Legends' new Spitfire Restoration

Aero Legends has launched an experience package enabling you to witness first hand all the great milestones throughout the restoration of their Spitfire MJ444. Spitfire MJ444 will be restored to a two-seat dual control trainer configuration over 26 months.

As well as the unforgettable flight and exclusive restoration events throughout 2022/23, the package will allow you will play an active involvement in the project. Keeping up to speed with Aero Legends' web documentary series and email updates which follow the restoration.

  • A 30 minute Spitfire flying experience (20 minute airborne), including onboard video
  • Attend all Seven Exclusive Restoration Events with a guest 
    The launch party, fuselage & wings, propeller, Merlin engine build & run, radiators & coolers, the Aircraft Restoration Company, maiden flight & prize draw for first MJ444 passenger flight

  • Bespoke Gift-Pack, including brochure pack, 7x event tickets, Aero Legends patch

The first 250 bookings will be able to sign MJ444’s Wings.

For more information, visit Aero Legends website here