Aeronca gets Spanish home as Autogiro flies

The Fundación Infante de Orleans (FIO) based at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, has acquired Aeronca 100 EC-NZI, formerly G-AEXD

The 1937-built machine was meticulously restored in 2019 and later sold to a group of FIO pilots who subsequently donated it to the Spanish organisation. It has been receiving maintenance in the Cuatro Vientos workshop and is expected to fly again in the near future.

In other recent news from Spain, a reproduction of Juan de la Cierva’s C.4 Autogiro flew for the first time on March 29. It successfully lifted off from Ocaña aerodrome in Spain. Built by members of the Getafe Ultralight Club to mark the centenary of Cierva’s first recorded flight of a powered, self-lifting autogyro in 1923, the modern-day iteration took to the air just after 1800hrs in the hands of pilot Fernando Roselló. With thanks to Roberto Yáñez

Aeronca 100 EC-NZI, formerly G-AEXD
Aeronca 100 EC-NZI, formerly G-AEXD Roberto Yáñez