Cessna 140 Ready for Take-Off

Aeroplane Heaven has announced the Cessna 140 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now.

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 Released

The Cessna 140 was introduced in 1949, following on from the Cessna 120. It sported uprated engines and an improved undercarriage along with a unique art deco, automotive-style instrument panel. The aircraft proved to be comfortable and easy to fly, making it popular with flying clubs and flight schools.

The package from Aeroplane Heaven features a detailed 3D model with animations such as a sprung steerable tailwheel, main undercarriage legs and brakes.

It comes with three versions of the Cessna 140 along with seven authentic liveries: polished alloy, gloss paint and well-worn examples. Physically Based Rendering textures are used both inside and out, and an authentic stereo sound pack is also included.