P-51 Mustang Ready for Take-Off

Aeroplane Heaven has announced the P-51 Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available.

The package features a new hi-fidelity interior and exterior model built using contemporary detailed plans and drawings along with details such as gun bays and gear wells and load-outs and external tanks based on weight.

Aeroplane Heaven P-51 Mustang for MSFS

An authentic cockpit includes bespoke animations and effects as well as PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and textures, including realistic pillowing of metal surfaces and a choice of classic or modern radios.

Aeroplane Heaven P-51 Mustang for MSFS

It comes with an animated US military pilot figure, realistic undercarriage operation and the famous hydraulic droop. Other highlights include accurate flight dynamics and performance figures based on actual flight tests, a specially authored WWise set and a custom taildragger model.

Aeroplane Heaven P-51 Mustang for MSFS

The package includes a variety of colourful liveries from WW2 fighter squadrons and three civilian registered versions:

  • "Cripes 'a' mighty" 487th Squadron 352nd group
  • "Glamourous glen III " 363rd Squadron 357th Fighter group
  • MKIVA 303 Squadron KM112
  • MKIVA 3rd squadron
  • "Big Beautiful Doll" 84th Squadron 78th fighter group
  • "Detroit Miss" 375th Squadron 361st Fighter group
  • "Jersey Jerk" 361st Squadron 356th Fighter group
  • "Jumpin' Jacques" 3rd Squadron 3rd Fighter group
  • "Old Crow" 362nd Squadron 357th Fighter group
  • "Ridge Runner III" 335th Squadron 4 Fighter group
  • "The Hun Hunter" 354th Squadron 355th Fighter group
  • "Shangrila" 336th Squadron 4th Fighter group
  • "The Millie G" 343rd Squadron 55th Fighter group
  • P-51D 44-74950 now registered as N511D
  • P-51D 44-84952 now registered as N201D
  • P-51D 45-11371 currently registered as N1051S.