Tenerife South Out Now

Aerosoft has announced Tenerife Sur for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out.

Aerosoft Tenerife Sur for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developed by sim-wings, Tenerife Sur is an authentic recreation of the actual airport, sporting high-resolution colour-corrected aerial imagery. It comes with detailed airport buildings with interiors modelling on the apron side.

Other highlights consist of authentic ground markings and up-to-date parking stands with a new taxiway layout based on AIRAC cycle 2104; this includes the recent main taxiway extension.

The airport is terraformed to blend into the default elevation model, while the runway features an accurate elevation profile or slope.

In addition, the scenery comes with details like animated windsocks, dynamic lighting and full PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects on the buildings and objects. Animated jetways with light effects while moving and static apron service vehicles are also modelled.