Air Base Movements

A selection of the most interesting aircraft to visit air bases in the UK recently

Normally based at NAS Sigonella in Italy, United States Navy C-26D 900530/530 arrived at RAF Lossiemouth from Germany’s Ramstein AB on March 18 
Niall Paterson


1/3 ZZ504 (also 23rd & 24th) & ZZ507 Shadow R1s 14 Sqn, RAF both n/s. 2/3 100008/008 Tp100C 72 Sqn, Royal Swedish AF; 08-0047 CV-22B 7th SOS, 352nd SOW, USAF o/s also 4th o/s. 9/3 169228/ QH KC-130J VMGR-234, USMC. 11/3 ZM707 & ZM709 AH-64Es arrived as airfreight, dep by road to Wattisham on 15/3; 02-1111 C-17A 62nd/446th AW, USAF. 12/3 OO-FAE Falcon 7X 15 Wing, Belgian Defence - Air Component. 15/3 071/62-IE CN-235M-100 ET1/62, French AF. 16/3 CT-01 15 Wing, Belgian Defence - Air Component. 18/3 B-536 C-130J-30 Esk 721, Royal Danish AF, arrived with cockpits from F-16s E-196 & ET- 626 for Martin-Baker at Chalgrove. 22/3 ZZ416 Shadow R1 14 Sqn, RAF. 25/3 12-0064 CV-22B 7th SOS, 352nd SOW, USAF o/s. 29/3 T-054 A330- MRTT MMF o/s.


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