AirBaltic takes over passenger handling at Riga

Latvian airline airBaltic has taken over passenger handling and flight coordinator duties at Riga Airport (RIX).

In addition to this new passenger handing contract, RIX Ground Handling is now supplying ramp handling duties to airBaltic, both parties having signed a new agreement spanning five years.

The passenger service improvement at Riga Airport is a part of a wider cost improvement programme from the airline, which will simplify its business and operations. In addition, it enables airBaltic to re-employ some of its former employees.

Martin Gauss, CEO at airBaltic, said: “During the crisis, airBaltic is successfully revising its products and service to focus on delivering the core brand values, which includes a strong focus on all passenger touch points. This move will ensure a seamless customer service and has created 89 new jobs. Our new team will also grow even more in the near future.”