Airliner World: MRO Transatlantic 2020 – Special Supplement

This year has proved to be a turbulent one for many in the aviation sector. Amid the uncertainty, we are delighted to be able to present to you a special supplement for a very special event. The bringing together of both MRO Americas and MRO Europe offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to foster new relationships and learn more from peers on each side of the Atlantic.

Building on our monthly print coverage and online exclusive features, Airliner World’s commitment to the MRO sector is stronger than ever. For the very first time, we’re excited to share this exclusive 32-page digital edition to mark MRO Transatlantic 2020. Researched and written by industry veteran Bernie Baldwin and compiled by the award-winning Airliner World editorial team, we report on the most dynamic stories in the MRO sector during these remarkable times.

MRO Transatlantic 2020 – Special Supplement


We start our supplement by considering the role of customer support programmes and ask what is being offered by OEMs and MRO providers to help airlines accrue cost benefits from aftermarket packages. We then deep-dive into the world of avionics and examine why OEMs are often a good starting point when caring for increasingly complex systems. Next up, we tackle one of the biggest tasks in the entire MRO sector: airframe maintenance. We review the major investments which are ensuring that potentially lucrative opportunities are not ignored, despite the current challenges in the industry. Finally, we conclude our special issue with a visit to a college in the United States which is aiming to bridge the skills gap for engineers and technicians and future-proof the sector for generations to come.


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