Algeria 54 and 55

Algeria’s military is now operating United Arab Emirates-designed UAVs. In December 2018, video footage shared by the Algerian Ministry of Defence revealed the country’s military is using the Adcom Systems Yabhon United 40 as the Algeria 54 and the Yabhon Flash-20 as the Algeria 55 aircraft. The Yabhon United 40s were armed with what appeared to be small-diameter bombs and conducted a liveire demonstration for oicials.

The Algerian Ministry of Defence claims the Algeria 54 and Algeria 55 UAVs have been domestically built. In addition to Denel Seeker UAVs, Algeria is now also operating the Chinese CH-3 and CH-4 systems, which were seen in operational service in October 2018, with the CH-4 itted with weapons hardpoints. Guy Martin