Alstef to upgrade Mayotte baggage system

Alstef Group has won the outbound baggage system upgrade project at Mayotte Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport, expanding a system it installed in 2013.

The baggage system upgrade includes new check-in conveyors, a transfer line, an outbound screening conveyor system integrating a new Standard 3 Xray screening machine, and an extended sortation carousel. The system will include functional baggage system improvements and expanded capacity as part of operational enhancements by airport concessionaire Edeis, which have been planned to address the airport's growth targets.

Jean Chadoutaud, Edeis Aéroport Mayotte deputy director, said: “Edeis Aéroport Mayotte is pleased to work again with Alstef Group on this major project for the airport. This upgrade of our baggage system to European Union security standards will also increase capacity to meet territory needs for economic growth. We feel very confident about Alstef Group’s ability to achieve this project thanks to its dedicated organisation, attentiveness, and experience.”

The project will be phased to mitigate the impact on airport operations, with the final phase due for completion by mid-2023.

Mayotte Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport is the only airport in Mayotte with scheduled services, mainly to destinations within Africa, metropolitan France and La Réunion Island. Mayotte, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique, is surrounded by a coral barrier reef with a lagoon and marine reserve that are popular diving destinations.