Ampaire begins electric aircraft trials

US tech firm Ampaire, a specialist in hybrid electric aircraft, launches demonstration flights between Exeter and Newquay airports this week

Demonstration flights will involve Ampaire’s electric EEL technology aircraft, which features a battery-powered electric motor at the front and conventional combustion engine at the back – cutting running costs by up to 30%.

Photo Ampaire 

The new route is one of a series of trials initiated by the UK government. “We’re leading the charge on reducing aviation emissions through the consultation on our ambitious Jet Zero Strategy, which recognises the key role innovative technologies like hybrid-electric aircraft can play in decarbonising aviation,” said Robert Courts, aviation minister.

“The test flights demonstrate how we can reduce aviation emissions, while collecting valuable data on fuel savings and efficiency to help future innovation.”

Stephen Wiltshire, operations director at Exeter Airport, added: “We are incredibly excited and very proud to be supporting this initiative and to see Exeter Airport play a central role in demonstrating and developing this important technology. The future of aviation, as with so many aspects of our lives, has to be sustainable and only through innovation and the commitment of partnerships, such as ours with 2ZERO, can we highlight the potential of this emerging technology.”

Ampaire is also developing hybrid-electric powertrain modernisations for regional aircraft.