Analog King Air pack released

Black Square's Steam Gauge overhaul for the default MSFS King Air 350i provides a new interior and panel with 3D' steam' gauges (analogue) and swappable radio configurations.

 King Air pack for MSFS

Features include a custom electrical system with functioning circuit breakers, 3D cockpit lighting for every gauge and panel, improved turbine dynamics, state-saving options, an oxygen system, dozens of checklists and engine limit excursions that will eventually lead to failure.

The 3D gauges are modelled and coded to match their real-world counterparts with reference to real-world maintenance and installation manuals. Radio and navigation systems are available from several eras of the King Air's history, so users can fly without GPS via an original Bendix KNS-80 RNAV system or with the convenience of a Garmin GTN 750.

 King Air pack for MSFS

Other swappable radio equipment includes Collins CTL NAV/COM radios, CTL-62 ADF, GNS 530, IND-42 DME, CTL-92 transponder, APS-65 autopilot and a Bendix RDR1150XL colour weather radar. An extensive manual provides instructions on all installed equipment and checklists for normal and emergency procedures.

 King Air pack for MSFS

Note: This product is an interior and systems overhaul only that makes use of the default MSFS King Air exterior visual model. Improvements have been made to almost all aspects of the aircraft, except the visual appearance of the exterior. All default King Air liveries are compatible with this product.

The package is available on Just Flight's website for £27.99.