Air Navigation Solutions launches new business intelligence unit

The Business Intelligence (BI) unit is a customer-facing evolution of ANSL’s internal Business Insights capability, which supports a range of functions across the business including project management and delivery. It also helps ANSL to effectively manage the world’s busiest runway at Gatwick and drive performance at Scotland’s busiest airport, Edinburgh.

The first customers of the new BI unit are Iowa-based RIM Enterprises, an aircraft parts supplier, and Gama Aviation, an aviation support service based in the UK.

RIM Enterprises required support to upgrade its own business insights capability. ANSL’s BI team built a bespoke solution which allows RIM to gather data from across the business and access insights through an interactive self-service Power BI report. 

Further phases of development are ongoing which will support effective business planning and decision-making by giving RIM Enterprises access to real-time data and highlighting inefficient inventory usage and otherwise unseen areas of demand and potential growth.

Paul Copping, President at RIM Enterprises said: “We are only part way through this multi-phase project and are already seeing huge benefits. The Power BI dashboard is very professionally designed, easy to use, and provides lucrative insights, showing both high-level information and a more granular view where required.

“We are delighted to be working with ANSL who have been highly responsive, and extremely supportive of our requirements. We look forward to seeing the project through to completion and harnessing the power of our data to deliver tangible business benefits.”

Gama Aviation required a bespoke solution of its own to boost its internal analytics capability and take its reporting and analysis to the next level. By setting up a secure connection between data sources and Power BI, the solution created by ANSL’s BI unit gives Gama Aviation an overarching view of performance across all business lines and geographical locations, with the ability to assess performance at a high level against budget and forecast.

“The solution that ANSL is providing enables users to delve into greater detail in order to obtain a deeper understanding, equipping our leadership team with the tools to drive informative conversation, decision and action,” confirms Blair Borthwick, Group Business Operations at Gama Aviation.

Emma Hawksworth, Business Insights Lead at ANSL, said: “Combining data streams from across an organisation using Microsoft’s Power BI platform represents a step change for many businesses where data often exists in siloes.

“We can help businesses who have more data than they know what to do with, as well as those who don’t think they have enough, to generate insights and improve performance, quality and efficiency across their organisation.”