ANSL Partners with Regional and Business Aviation (RABA) Group

The Group was established in 2014 to provide a collective voice for UK airports with less than three million passengers a year, some members not even relying on scheduled passenger services, but on business and special missions aviation.

Today it has a membership of 40 airports, and represents 75% of all UK airports in this category. Together they handled over 10 million passengers a year (pre-Covid) in locations across England in all the Devolved Administrations and also covering the Crown Dependencies.

ANSL has become the Air Traffic Management (ATM) partner of RABA, and will bring new speakers to the Group, present air traffic insights at its member meetings and work closely with RABA to support the represented airports with its bespoke solutions, tailored to the UK regional airport market.

As part of the partnership, ANSL will provide its expertise in the field of ATM, offer bespoke solutions for RABA Group members, and more widely support its mission to highlight the vital role airports of this size play, and the special challenges they face. 

Neil Pakey, Chairman of the RABA Group, said: “We are delighted to welcome Air Navigation Solutions as the new ATM partner of RABA. The experience and insights they will bring to RABA will make an important contribution to supporting the work that we do with regional and business airports in the UK.”

Henry Game, Managing Director of ANSL added: “The UK’s regional and business airports are a vital part of the UK’s infrastructure and this partnership with RABA underpins our strong relationships within the UK regional airports market. We look forward to working with the RABA Group to provide the air traffic management solutions that will help ensure these airports remain firmly on the radar.”

The partnership commenced on 1st November and will initially run until the end of 2022.