Argentinian museum completes Skyhawk project

The National Aeronautics Museum of Argentina (MNA) in Morón, Buenos Aires, unveiled Douglas A-4C Skyhawk C-322 on April 15

The 1962-built jet initially served the US Navy until withdrawn in 1971. It was acquired by the Argentinian Air Force four years later as part of a batch of 25 A-4Cs to replace its ageing F-86 Sabres. Assigned in 1978 to El Plumerillo-based IV Brigada Aérea, it later received several upgrades including the capacity to carry the Rafael Shafrir air-to-air missile.

After flying many sorties during the Falklands War and remaining in frontline service for the conflict’s entire duration, it received further upgrades in 1986 and was finally struck off charge on April 15, 1999. Along with A-4B C-207, it was exhibited in MNA’s main hall for many years. In more recent times, the jet received a thorough refurbishment, and has been repainted into the two-tone camouflage it wore during the Falklands War. Following the unveiling, the MNA has now turned its attention to its other Skyhawk.

Skyhawk C-322 on display at MNA
Skyhawk C-322 on display at MNA Ramiro Piacenza