Armed RAF Typhoons fly in to Poland

Fully armed RAF Typhoon jets have landed in Poland to conduct multiple training exercises with Poland and other NATO allies.

The four Typhoons and a Globemaster C-17 transport aircraft flew from RAF Akrotiri, where the jets are currently based, to Poznan Air Base on October 1.

The two-week deployment, codenamed Operation Carson, will involve pilots undertaking combat air training with Poland, Italy and Spain to practice dogfighting against different types of aircraft to develop tactics. Close Air Support training will also be conducted with UK and US Joint Terminal Attack Controllers who direct the action of combat aircraft.

The four RAF Typhoons arriving in Poland ahead of joint exercises
The four RAF Typhoons arriving in Poland ahead of joint exercises Crown Copyright

The Typhoon detachment is being led by, Sqn Ldr Hunter, who said: “Over the next fortnight, we will be working closely with our allies practicing engaging targets beyond visual range and simulating various possible combat scenarios with forces both on the ground and in the air over Eastern skies. We take our role in European security seriously and these joint exercises only serve to bolster collective defence across the region.”

In addition to the flying Sqn, UK-based RAF personnel including engineers, cyberspace communication specialists, force protection specialists and a range of trades with high level skill sets are forward deployed to Poland to enable the delivery of the training.

Fully armed Typhoons after touching down in Poland
Fully armed Typhoons after touching down in Poland Crown Copyright

The detachment is being supported by part of the Tactical Communications Wing, a part of 90 Signals Unit. Sergeant Connolly from the detachment said: “90SU are an effective global enablement unit who establish a base for aircraft to operate from. The encompassing capability of all supporting functions is crucial in successful operational output despite where, when or how it is required.”