Australia v2 Service Pack 1 Released

Orbx has released a substantial service pack for Australia v2. In addition to a number of bug fixes, new content has been added, including non-default airports and a large number of tall antennae, chimneys, and other vertical obstructions.

Australia_v2 (2).jpg

This update is only available via Orbx Central, Orbx recommends that anybody who has not switched from FTX Central do so from here.

New content:

  • More than 70 additional airports, airfields, and seaplane bases not included in default FSX/P3D
  • Cityscape Melbourne: new custom buildings of Sealife Aquarium, Yarra helipad, Microflite Building; Gas Brigades Fire Show objects (no dynamic effects) at Crown Melbourne on Yarra River Southbank
  • Photoreal saltpans and colourful lakes: added Lake Barlee, Lake Lefroy, Lake Darlot, Esperance Lakes, Lake Hillier, and Hutt Lagoon
  • Photoreal mines: added Christmas Creek, Cloud Break, Duketon, Lake Lefroy, Ernest Henry, Jacinth-Ambrosia, and Tropicana
  • Added close to 2,000 tall antennae, masts, smokestacks, firetowers, and power plant structures.

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Cityscape Melbourne: various improvements on ground textures, city models and autogen; fixed crash issues on city models
  • Fixed missing land south of Adelaide:
  • Landclass improvements for coal loading area at Abbott Point
  • Removed farmland from Mt. Lindesay -28.3440549 152.71395 GOLD 8842
  • Fixed morphing textures west of Richmond AFB
  • Adjusted Lake Hamilton dry/wet areas
  • Added missing rock textures at Newcastle
  • Fixed landclass issues at Alice Springs
  • Many landclass improvements throughout AU, especially in the transition area of subregions
  • Removed mesh spike at -28.1826 151.8907
  • Corrected orientation of airport gable markers
  • YBWW Brisbane West Wellcamp; added runway lights
  • YTNB Tanbar; fixed crashes in P3D
  • YBGD Boolgeeda; added paved runway and improved local road system
  • YMBT Mount Beauty; added airport as requested
  • YMUL Murray Field; fixed invisible building
  • YMHB Hobart; fixed incorrect displaced threshold
  • YWBN Wedderburn; fixed reversed runway markings
  • YKBR Kalbarri; fixed reversed runway markings
  • YBGD Boolgeeda; changed runway type to paved.