AV-8B Harrier for X-Plane


X-Trident has announced the release of the final version of their Harrier AV-8B. The aircraft comes with a full set of FMOD 3D sounds along with optional particle systems effects and a detailed control panel for configuring the aircraft. Other highlights include an animated ejection sequence, ground target objects can be damaged by bombs, and a smart view, which automatically adjusts the point of view based on the flight path and speed. For livery artists, a paint kit is also included.


Weapons: The package comes with a full complement of weapons including: AIM9 infrared guided and AIM120 radar guidance missiles, GPS-guided JDAMs, Gravity and Snake Eye bombs and a gun with computed aim.

Weapon systems: CCIP bombing mode, CCRP bombing mode, weapon control panel and selective jettison.

Navigation: GPS (with moving maps, in scale with NAVAIDS), TACAN (A/G and A/A) and VOR/ILS.

Radar: Air-to-air with radar lock on targets, Terrain mapping radar and RWR.

Systems: MFDs (plus one ‘floating’ MFD, UFC and CDU and a detailed HUD with master modes (VR friendly/collimated).

Radios: Autopilot and selective SAS.