Avelo opts for GE Digital data monitoring

Newly established Avelo Airlines is to use GE Digital’s Electronic Flight Operation Quality Assurance (eFOQA) flight data monitoring and processing solution.

The airline will leverage flight data to achieve best-in-class safety and efficiency standards, enabling participation in cutting-edge safety programmes in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), it announced. eFOQA Mainline is GE Digital’s flagship FOQA/flight data monitoring (FDM) and data processing solution. It includes a full library of more than 10,000 pre-built algorithms that enable limitless analytics customisation and data processing.

Avelo Airlines
Photo Avelo Airlines 

With eFOQA Mainline, users can view broad trends and drill down to specific flights to identify hazards and monitor mitigation efforts. Studies of maintenance and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) compliance are possible with easy-to-use tools requiring no knowledge of coding. Once the data is processed, Tableau, a data analytics platform from Tableau Software, can visualise the results in interactive, web-based presentations.

eFOQA tracks and monitors safety performance by providing users with clean, accurate data with fewer false positives and higher confidence in the results, as well as automated data processing and error detection that helps airlines save time and reduce costs. The solution seamlessly controls how and where data flows throughout the organization.

“GE Digital will enable Avelo to optimise our internal practices and processes related to operational safety,” said Michael J Quiello, vice president of safety, security, and operational excellence at Avelo Airlines. “By effectively automating our systems with GE Digital, our team will spend more time building useful safety studies. This will allow us to tailor our standards and training programs to maximize our overall safety efficacy.”

eFOQA is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud for security, scalability, and automatic updates.